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Hi! I’m Beatriz Duborgel.

I’m an e-learning specialist with extensive experience in adult training in multicultural environments and international organizations.


Thanks to my background in foreign languages and learning, I provide effective e-learning solutions to my clients around the world.


I enjoy using and working with technology as a mean to multiply training opportunities and improve learning outcomes. You can check my full profile on LinkedIn and send an invite to connect.

I will be delighted to have you on my network!

Experience & expertise

I love learning myself and getting new skills to better serve my clients. These are some of the best learning experiences I have had so far:


  • E-learning project management. This is when I fell in love with e-learning and discovered the unlimited possibilities of a well-managed learning project.

  • HR Management. How amazing can be the challenge of managing people and getting the best out of them?

  • Education Science. It is not about teaching, it is all about learning and knowing how to make it happen!

  • Translation. Making two (or more) cultures understand each other when they don’t share a common language is just the beginning of amazing intercultural adventure with more than just linguistic challenges to face.

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